Hiru, the first multiplatform eye-tracker in the world,

works in Windows and iPadOS, indistinguishably.

Hiru eye tracker

Eye-tracking technology goes limitless

Hiru, the first multiplatform eye-tracker in the world, makes UX easier and unique. Hiru’s hardware ensures a seamless experience for the user, combining high-performance chip technology with ease of use. The camera and optical sensors provide greater precision and more autonomy. Let’s explore this game-changer.

An operating system should never be a barrier.

Now, you can choose.

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New in

iPadOS 17 revolutionizes the eye-tracking experience for eye gaze users

With this new version of the iPad operating system, iPadOS 17, a bright and promising scenario for developing more accessible environments for Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) users has been presented! 

The recently added “Snap to Item” and “Auto-Hide” functionalities bring added value to the user experience, and provide more options related to the use of the device itself. Examples are the ability to more precisely control both iPad applications and navigable pages, as well as the possibility to use external software with Apple’s own AssistiveTouch cursor.

These features, only available for MFi Certified eye gaze cameras as Hiru, are beneficial to all types of gaze users, and creates a “made for gaze” feel in every application in which it is used. Helps users to be more accurate by eliminating the distraction caused by the cursor. It stabilizes the eye tracking experience, making the gaze experience smoother, faster and more comfortable.

“We are excited to witness the release of a new version of iPadOS that will provide our end users with a new and improved level of usability for the entire iPad app landscape. The new “snap to item” feature alone deserves the entire iPadOS update.”

Oskar Berreteaga, CTO, IRISBOND


Hiru, the first multi-platform eye-tracker, new possibilities and no limits

Hiru can communicate with a variety of operating systems. Hiru is today compatible with Windows and iPadOS (MFi certified by Apple), it does not need any intermediate applications to work with both operating systems. And it is also ready to be compatible with other operating systems. Hiru is ready. Ready to multi-platform.

You can go further. The advanced AI-based eye-tracking software algorithms, combined with state-of-the-art eye-tracking hardware can go beyond, integrating Hiru with Operating Systems and environments where eye-tracking has been non-existent. Until now.

Hiru Irisbond
Apps available for Hiru

Multiplatform means more apps to use with your Hiru

There are many apps available for Hiru: desktop control apps, communication apps, learning apps, and many more to come. Because Hiru has been certified to meet Apple’s performance standards via the MFi Program and works plug-and-play with Windows, it enables the full use of more apps for people with disabilities via eye gaze than ever before.


On-chip technology. For the wise

One improvement in the performance is the on-chip technology. Our multiplatform eye-tracker processes all the data internally to liberate the computer of that role. Moreover, Hiru enables the user to access any software improvements available immediately.

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Hiru Irisbond


Think out of the box.

Hiru takes the user experience into the next level including both a calibration button and a light indicator in the own device. You can now understand if your eyes are being tracked without any effort and re-calibrate faster in case you might need it.


We update the eye-tracker software based on your feedback.

Giving the best value to you and your customers is our commitment. And we ensure that by continuously improving our eye-tracking software. And now the process is smoother: our eye-tracker Hiru will notify you whenever there is a new release available. Do you want to learn more about Hiru? Contact us.

Hiru, first multiplatform eye-tracker

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See everything. Everywhere.
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We choose flexibility: Hiru is the first multiplatform eye-tracker in the world.

You choose whatever suits you best.