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The best sales team and best customer service comes with great support from eye gaze experts.

Make the difference.

At IRISBOND we design, pre-test and produce our devices. That’s why we know everything about Hiru. We want to help you to improve your service and user experience by training your team with our experts. With that purpose, we have created IRISBOND Maicare and Maicare+.

Enjoy being our preference. Plus, become the expert.


Be the first one in our support agenda, get exclusive training and certification, extend your damage coverage and get warranty discounts. Become our Preferred Supplier. Enjoy Maicare+.

360º Exclusive training

Up to 5 hours of training on Hiru. Plus, an exclusive 3h certification training to become a Preferred Supplier for Hiru and IRISBOND.


Priority support

Be the first one in our support agenda, answer assured within 24 hours.

Extended damage coverage

Protect your devices, up to 2 units no matter the reason.

Extended warranty discount

3-year Extended Warranty Add-On.

360º Exclusive training


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Preferred Supplier Certification

Get a PSC valid for one year from the true experts in eye gaze. Maicare+ provides you with a 3h-exclusive training. Plus, you can choose other 5h training in any topic you might want to depeen your knowledge on.


  • Hiru + iPadOS: Preferred Reseller Certification Course
  • Hiru Set Up
  • Evaluating Hiru (and the competition)
  • Hiru refresher course
  • Eye gaze troubleshooting


  • Hiru + iPadOS: Preferred Reseller Certification Course
  • Eye-Tracking Fundamentals and Tips for use
  • Specialized Session: Tips and Tricks
  • Hiru Refresher Course
  • Compatibility workshop


  • Hiru + iPadOS: Preferred Reseller Certification Course
  • Hiru + Windows Intensive Course
  • New Verticals: Where can Hiru take you?
  • How to market Hiru
  • Hiru Refresher Course

Priority support



Maicare+ gives you one-to-one preference service and support from IRISBOND experts, so you’re our top priority.

  • Be the first one in our support agenda, answer assured within 24 hours
  • Make sure that your support ticket is managed immediately with responses from the support team within 1 business day
  • If your repair will take longer than a week, we will replace it with a new unit

Extended damage coverage


Maicare+ for Hiru provides global repair coverage from IRISBOND technicians. Damage coverage includes:

  • Protecting your devices, up to 2 units no matter the reason
  • Receiving substitution device while repairing, for your convenience
  • A value of up to 2 Hiru cameras

Extended warranty discount


50% Discount on the extended 3-year warranty

Extended warranty price: 200€/unit

With MaiCare+:  100€/unit

Add 1 year to your 2-year warranty, repair or swap devices, including delivery costs for up to 3 years.

It does not include  accidental damage, loss or theft.

Warranty extension, limitation of purchasing

Warranty Extension has to be purchased within 3 months from your purchasing date. In accordance with the purchasing order date you can buy the Warranty Extension for your customers within 3 months.

How to calculate Warranty Extension period

The warranty extension period is effective from the expiration of your original warranty period and will last for three years.

How to buy

Schedule a meeting with your IRISBOND contact person. For information on Maicare Service conditions, click here

Additional support


Get support now by phone or chat, send a request, a query and more.

This is our phone/whatsapp: +34 682 594 285. Or send us a request here


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