Use your gaze to show who you are

Communication is a non-negotiable right; we should all have the freedom to express who we are, to interact with each other and to understand each other.

Physical limitations and speech dysfunctions may seem like an obstacle in communication for people with cerebral palsy, Rett Syndrome, or ALS; but their gaze can help to overcome it. Talking and interacting through the use of one’s gaze is possible.

We understand it’s a lifelong necessity, and we’ll travel the road together. To start, choose your solution.

Visual stimulation

Cause / Effect


Computer access

Complete inclusion

Comprehensive solution



Aimed at children learning to discover the potential of their gaze through fun, interactive activities.

Comprehensive solution



Communicate autonomously.
Access and control the screen comfortably and accurately. And freely express yourself.

In my eyes there is freedom, look how I have the same feelings as you, and respect my form of expression.

Yael Nahir, Irisbond user. @yael_actriz_guionista

Irisbond is

simple, intuitive and customisable.
Each user is distinct, but with a common goal: to communicate through the gaze.

Augmentative Communication should be worked on every day.

The road may be long, but we’ll travel it together. With enthusiasm and consistency, you’ll be able to communicate independently and tell the world everything you’re thinking. We’ll travel the road together.

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