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The Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems are those that increase and compensate the communication skills of people with disabilities to achieve functional oral communication. They allow the user to express their needs, opinions and emotions; as well as to actively participate in society and interact with their environment: family, school, friends, social and work environment.

We are developers and experts in Augmentative and Alternative Communication

At IRISBOND, we create and develop assistive technology so that everyone can express themselves. We offer solutions for various types of access: gaze, touch and switch.


Above all, we are experts in sophisticated eye-tracking technology.

It might look like it’s magic, but it isn’t. It’s only a three-step process::

  1. Connect our eye-tracking device to your computer or tablet.
  2. Calibrate your gaze.
  3. Use your eyes as if they were a mouse.

In addition, using our specific software program, communication is simple and intuitive. In our store, you can view the best Programs for augmentative and alternative communication.

Solución Oskol Irisbond
GridPad 15 Irisbond
Soluciones táctiles Irisbond Ukitu

We increase possibilities

We eliminate barriers. We remove limitations. We allow everyone to expand their options to interact, communicate and lead a better life.

We create technology without limits, designed by and for professionals and users who require it every day. We train companies and centres that believe in our solutions and together, we increase their users’ possibilities.

Together, we move forward

But we are not the only ones who make this dream come true. Behind our development, which is 100% Spanish, there are professionals, people, and centres that make our technology available to users, helping them to improve their quality of life through monitored speech therapy or occupational therapy, among others.

For this to take place, access to centres must be available, where solutions are tested and continuous follow-up of therapies is carried out. Whether you are a centre or a company, we provide full assistive technology solutions:

  • Advice and search tool.
  • In person assessment at recommended centres.
  • Tool testing prior to acquisition.
  • Remote system startup.
  • User environment training.
  • Unlimited technical support.
  • Methodological support service.
Software táctil Soluciones completas IRISBOND
Soluciones táctiles Irisbond

Ukitu, touch solution

Solución Oskol Irisbond



Multi-access, Multi-platform, Multi-disciplinary

We are developers, manufacturers and experts in high-tech SAAC. We provide the latest technology, under the highest quality standards with integrated and semi-integrated solutions. And also, we are happy to respond to all your queries.

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Este es un resumen para que entiendas la variedad de accesos y soluciones de CAA disponibles que tenemos en IRISBOND.

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