A perfect, lean protection case

Solución Oskol Irisbond

Best eye tracking experience.
One Hiru to reach all your users.

Oskol is the brand-new casing for your optimal eye tracking experience. Bond your Hiru with your most preferred consumer device in the easiest way possible. It is robust, flexible and easy to mount. Ensuring that you always have the perfect angle for the best eye tracking experience.

Oskol Solución Completa IRISBOND

Flexibility at its best.
See everything. Everywhere.

Effortless switching Hiru between Windows and iOS casings is now possible. No screwdriver needed to insert and pull out Hiru and/or your consumer device from the casing.

Easy to mount.
Wherever. Ready to go.

The Oskol for Windows and iOs come already with the built-in standard mounting system. Do not limit your users, wherever, whenever, Oskol will be there. Ready to go in less than a minute.

Apps available for Oskol

There are many apps available for Hiru: desktop control apps, communication apps, learning apps, and many more to come


Mapa de calor EyeGaze

Inclusive EyeGaze
For Windows

A collection of 54 fun activities to practise the first phases of the learning curve.

GRID3 software

GRID3 de Smartbox
For Windows

Grid 3 empowers people with disabilities to communicate, control their environment and access their computer.


For iPad

Predictable is designed for people who are literate but don’t have the ability to speak.


For iPad

A full-featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice.

Robust & lighweight.
The perfect combination.

The Oskol case combines the advantages of a professional and good-looking protection case without making compromises regarding weight or flexibility.

Casing weights less than 500g
Reinforced corners to prevent damage
Cables are exposed to a minimum

Oskol Solución Completa IRISBOND