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IRISBOND software


The updating system for Hiru. Dowloading this link, Hiru will notify you whenever there is a new release available. Systray also activates Windows’ own computer control program: Windows Eye Control.


Advanced access and control programme for IRISBOND devices. It is available in two formats: Beginner and Pro. All in one dowloading the following link.


Third party apps

Apps by Smartbox Assistive Technology


GRID3 is communication app for AAC. Allows you to express yourself freely, control your environment, and have a more independent life. You will need to download the Drivers in the right.


It is mandatory to download the drivers for GRID3.



Look To Learn

40 fun activities for those who are just beginning to discover the potential of their eyes.G



Apps by Inclusive Technology

Inclusive Technology Games

1st stage: Attention & Looking

Inclusive Technology Games

2nd stage: Exploring & Playing

Inclusive Technology Games

3rd stage: Choosing & Learning

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