Use your gaze to show who you are

Communication is a non-negotiable right; we should all have the freedom to express who we are, interact with each other, and understand each other. Physical limitations and speech dysfunctions can be an obstacle in communication for people with different conditions such as cerebral palsy, Rett Syndrome, or ALS. But with just using their gaze, we can give them a voice. Thanks to the Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems (AAC) and IRISBOND’s eye-tracking technology, people with conditions that limit their speaking capabilities, with mobility restrictions are able to interact with devices as well as their environment.

We understand that communicating is a lifelong necessity. But don’t worry, we’ll travel this road together. Our support and services are forever in your debt.

Comunicación Aumentativa y Alternativa IRISBOND

What is Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)?


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)  is a set of strategies and tools that either complement (Augmentative) or replace (Alternative) the natural speech of people who, due to different circumstances, have oral communication difficulties.

Thanks to IRISBOND’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems (AACS) and eye-tracking technology, people suffering from conditions that limit their oral speech can communicate using what we call dynamic communicators. And people with mobility limitations can interact with devices and their environment.

Discover the Learning Curve in Augmentative and alternative Communication

Developed together with the world’s top professionals in Education and Augmentative and Alternative Communication, this graphic the ‘Learning Curve’  enables you to progress in a guided and intuitive way when learning how to utilize augmentative & alternative communication (AAC).  No matter the type of access, whether it be through touch, push-buttons, or one’s gaze (eye-tracking). 

Due to it being developed alongside world-renowned professionals in education and assistive technology, it permits professionals and users to advance in a guided yet intuitive way, from a natural interaction with their computer, passing through precise access, and finishing with inclusive labour.

Yael Nahir, Irisbond user.

In my eyes there is freedom, look how I have the same feelings as you, and respect my form of expression.

Yael Nahir, Irisbond user.

IRISBOND is a simple, intuitive, and customizable solution. Because we are not all the same.

Each user is distinct, but with a common goal: to communicate through the gaze. With the AAC systems and eye-tracking, we can give each and every one of our users the ability to communicate freely because we can adapt the communication solutions to their different needs.

The road may be long but we’ll travel it together. With enthusiasm and consistency, you’ll be able to communicate independently and tell the world everything you’re thinking.

We have a variety of alternative communication devices and solutions. Click Here for more information.