Cambridge Innovation Centre selects Irisbond for its prestigious grant

Cambridge Innovation Centre selects Irisbond for its prestigious grant

The Spanish start-up will be able to accelerate and develop its project in an intensive programme at CIC Cambridge in Boston

For the third year in a row, Bizkaia International Startup Connection has awarded several emerging companies an intensive 6-month grant for the prestigious CIC Cambridge in Boston. Irisbond is one of the eight start-ups selected for this programme, which aims to develop business activity in high value-added technology sectors.

Thanks to an agreement signed by Bizkaia Regional Department for Economic Development, the Countryside and Territorial Development and Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), a range of technology companies in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa now have the opportunity to take part in this programme, allowing them to accelerate and develop their project, and helping them to grow internationally.

CIC Cambridge currently hosts over 1000 start-ups with similar needs, providing a space specifically designed for entrepreneurs, where start-ups taking part in the programme can receive personalised advice. The other seven start-ups selected along with Irisbond to be part of the programme are AcceXible, Acuratio, Aplanet, Appsamblea, Kids’ Club, RKL Integral, S-There Technologies, and Testualia. They will join the 26 Basque start-ups and over 1000 others from around the world that have already completed the experience.

CIC Cambridge, one of the world’s most active innovation centres

CIC Cambridge in Massachusetts is considered to be amongst the world’s most active innovation centres. One of the most significant indicators in this regard is the fact that over $2 billion of venture capital has been invested in start-ups located on its campus.Located alongside MIT campus and well-known research centres, a range of companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Apple all have offices here. It is a unique business and knowledge ecosystem that helps emerging companies around the world to develop more quickly and innovatively, thanks to the support and resources offered by a range of universities, companies and innovation centres.