IRISBOND is for everyone.

We believe in the power of creativity.


Together we can show the world an innovative way to interact with industrial processes, express our emotions and discover new paths. And we’ll do it with a gaze.


It is now possible to use your eyes to control computer screens or operate robotic elements while your hands are busy. With this technology, you can optimise your work environment and improve employee productivity.


Create safer, more advanced cars. In this industry, forced to constantly innovate and stay one step ahead of what the market has to offer, eye-tracking opens new paths to testing techniques by focusing on the driver’s gaze.


Integrate a non-intrusive and agile technique into your research, analyse human behaviour and understand why we make certain decisions, knowing where we look and how we react to what we see.


Access the computer with your gaze and avoid unnecessary contact with devices in the sterile environment of a cleanroom. It facilitates the work of surgeons and increases hygienic safety.

Living technology, agile development


The application of our technology is still unknown in many sectors. That’s why we listen, analyse and work with you every day.

Agile development

We must be aligned. That’s why we use the Scrum methodology through sprints.
Short launch cycles allow us to better manage expectations, adapt quickly and obtain anticipated results.


The methodology applied and the flexibility of our team provides high-value products. That’s why we generate never-before-seen innovative solutions.