First RGB Camera based eye tracking app for basic communication, designed for Android tablets with Bixby

Developed by Irisbond, in collaboration with Samsung Electronics and Fundación Luzón, the app was designed in the context of Technology with Purpose program. Tallk helps people with limited mobility to communicate with a Samsung tablet and their eyes.

Tallk is based on RGB Camera eye tracking technology. This means that there is no need for an external eye tracking device. It’s the tablet’s embedded camera itself which tracks both the eyes and face to control the app. IRISBOND’s advanced software algorithms, based on artificial intelligence, capture eye and face movements and translate them into precise movements on the screen. Thus, the app allows you to access a virtual keyboard, to speak using text-to-speech synthesizer, or even to control home devices that are connected to SmartThings.

The app is only available in Spanish and for Spain.

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