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Complete solution

The solution to express yourself freely and in a totally autonomous way. With communication options from pictograms to predictive keyboards, to access to social networks, the Internet and control of the environment. This powerful solution is totally portable thanks to the adapted arms and high performance tablet. Plus, it includes unlimited installation and technical support.


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The solution to express yourself freely

  • IRISBOND Hiru: The first multi-platform eye tracker in the world.
  • Oskol: The perfect, lean protection case.
  • Customised GRID3 programme with the applications you need at any time. From the first steps in your communication, through to social and occupational inclusion, with access to tools such as WhatsApp, email, Internet browsing, etc.
  • Tablet Microsoft Surface Pro. High-performance tablet with the best performance for mousing through a gaze.
  • Articulated arms for chair, wheeled stand, table or bed. We adapt to your needs.
  • Speakers.


  • An hour and a half of technical support for set-up and first steps for all programmes purchased.
  • Free, unlimited technical support service for the entire lifetime of the product. Both by phone (WhatsApp and calls) and by email. We will connect remotely whenever you have any incidents or problems with the programmes.
  • Grid3 training cards.
  • Access to free online courses.
  • Rest Easy Service. Service to send and manage technical incidents under Microsoft warranty.
  • Replacement tablet. We will give you a replacement if you have any problems with the product, to ensure you never stop communicating.
  • One month trial for GRID3 Software and the IRISBOND Hiru Device. You will be refunded if you wish to return it.
  • 2-year warranty for your IRISBOND Hiru. If the gaze device stops working for reasons other than breakage or being dropped, we will send you a new IRISBOND Hiru free of charge within 24 to 48 working hours, as well as taking care of shipping costs (Spain only).
  • The Tablet has a 1-year warranty, under the terms of the Microsoft warranty.
  • Accessories such as swivel arms and tablet trays are not covered by warranty
  • Technology made in Spain.
  • Personas afectadas por ELA.
  • Personas con tetraplejia.
  • Personas con lesión medular espinal.
  • Personas con altas capacidades cognitivas impedidas físicamente o con trastornos del habla.
  • Personas con parálisis cerebral.
  • Centros especializados, colegios, instituciones y asociaciones dedicadas a trabajar con personas que tengan estas afecciones.


La solución completa comunica ofrece total movilidad y autonomía. Permite expresarte libremente con tu mirada y un acceso totalmente autónomo a tu solución de comunicación. Una combinación de agilidad, portabilidad y alta precisión para mejorar tu calidad de vida.

Esta solución está pensada para todas las edades, ya que tiene una variedad de contenidos para trabajar la comunicación desde etapas iniciales hasta etapas avanzadas.


  • Comunicarte con un sintetizador de voz a través de pictogramas o teclado predictivo.
  • Acceder a redes sociales, tu email, Internet, ver series y películas, etc.
  • Controlar tu entorno con dispositivos conectados a tu solución completa (luz, TV, persianas, etc.)
  • Trabajar con programas avanzados como Photoshop, Autocad y otras herramientas de trabajo.


Optimum screen size 10-20”

Recommended working


35-80 cm
Calibration 0, 1, 5, 9, 16 points
Selection mode Dwell, Blink, Switch
Head box 20 x 18cm at 50 cm
Eye tracking Monocular and binocular
Accuracy 0.4º
Sampling rate (Frequency) 60 Hz

Holder, magnets or specific adaptor for consumer


Operating system Windows: 7-10
iPadOS: 13 or above
Others: Please get in touch with us
Eye Tracking processing Hiru on-chip eye tracking technology

Minimum system requirements

(laptop, PC, tablet)

Eye-tracking processing done at HIRU itself. System requirements related to the applications used with HIRU. Typically:

  • USB 3.0-C
  • 1,33 GHz CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 3GB + HDD Hard Disk
  • Intel Graphics, Nvidia and others with OpenGL 2.0
  • iOS: iPad Pro
Weight 115 g
Dimensions 259x25x28 mm
Eye tracking technology Dark pupil
USB connector USB-C

EN 55032:2015/AC:2016  | 47 CFR Part 15B, ICES-003 Issue 6

EN 55035:2017  |  EN 6247:2008  |  EN 62471:200

RoHS 2011/65/UE + 2015/863/UE

Tablet Surface Pro  128GB 8GB RAM

Brand: Microsoft

Model: Surface Pro

Size: 12,5″ or similar

Intel Core i5



  • Includes initial set-up (1.5 h approx.).
  • Second free customised installation after two weeks of use (time in accordance with needs). Both installation and technical support will be offered through our online remote platform.
  • Technical support is unlimited throughout your solution’s lifetime, and we will be on hand to offer personalised assistance in anything you may need.
  • Online training.
  • We recommend downloading the TeamViewer programme before installing for the first time.

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Weight 5 kg