Spanish Ministry of Health fully subsidises eye tracking devices

Regional Health Boards are already working and training medical professionals to offer eye trackers

The Ministry of Health will, through the Regional Health Boards, fully subsidise eye-tracking devices that connect to a computer to allow patients with severe neuromotor disorders to communicate autonomously

The countdown has started, and 80% of Regional Health Boards are working and training health professionals to allow doctors to offer technological support for all patients with serious neuromotor disorders, severe affectation of both upper limbs, and the impossibility of oral or written communication. This mostly affects patients with ALS, basilar artery thrombosis, infantile cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and pontine myelinolysis.

Eye trackers allow patients to control any device with their gaze. Combined with accessible programmes for communication, patients can express themselves autonomously with the environment since it allows them to, among other functionalities, speak through virtual keyboards and synthesised voice, browse the Internet, use social media, or even learn to read and write. Quality of life and self-esteem for all people can, therefore, be significantly improved.