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The DUO has to be installed on the bottom edge of the screen leaving the minimum possible space between both.
The eyes of the user should be aligned with the top of the screen. The distance between the eyes and the DUO may vary among 50cm (19.7″) and 70cm (27.5″), being 60cm (23.6″) the optimal distance.

We recommend using the DUO with screens less than 23″.

Sure! You just have to take care that there are no reflections on the lenses that cover the pupil of the user.

In case of hyperopia glasses, notice that these lenses make the eyes bigger and the DUO may think that the user is closer to it. Our advice is to first position the user without glasses and then calibrate and use the device with glasses.

You can download our EasyClick application from the website. It includes two usage modes:

  • EasyClick Pro: for users who have a complete domain of the computer and need a complete access to it. They are totally autonomous users and do not need assistance to use the application
  • EasyClick Beginner: for users accompanied by a therapist or a family member that will start using the application in a very simple way but always with external help

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