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Eye Tracking (controlling a computer or tablet using your gaze). A great help for people with severe mobility limitations and speech problems that cannot use conventional mouse management systems and have difficulty communicating.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems (AACS). The goal is to increase and compensate for the communicative abilities of those with disabilities to achieve functional oral communication. It allows the user to express their needs, opinions and emotions, as well as actively participate in society.

User experiences


Affected by Cerebral Palsy
“Irisbond has changed the way we communicate with Dulce, since now it is not just a choice between limited options; instead it she who speaks to us completely with her gaze. It helps us get to know her better.”

Dulce’s father
Affected by Cerebral Palsy


Specialised SAAC Educator


Affected by Cerebral Palsy


Affected by Cerebral Palsy


Affected by Cerebral Palsy

Dar Dar

Affected by ALS
“It’s opened a door for Lucia and us. As a family, we have seen a great light (…) A radical 360 degree change.”

Lucía’s mother
Affected by Cerebral Palsy