The power of your gaze

Eye-tracking is a form of technology that detects and follows eye movements. This tracking can be used in two ways:

  1. To collect information about how we look at things, in what order we look at them, what our gaze is drawn to, and how much time we look at something to understand our interests, attention, etc.
  2. We can also use this technology to interact with devices.

The eye-tracker is a tool that we use to perform eye-tracking. It can be a piece of hardware or a unique device that uses infrared rays to track eye movements, or through your computer, tablet, or mobile using eye-tracking software or applications.

2Two ways of seeing
the world

At IRISBOND, we offer both kinds of technology.
Hiru is an external eye-tracking device that allows you to receive information from your surroundings and interact with devices. Mamu is technology embedded in your device, without any hardware required. The eye-tracker that cannot be seen.

Tenología IRISBOND
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Together, we make the impossible possible

Eye-tracking technology is used in different sectors. These include: marketing and advertising, web or software usability analysis, alternative communication (AAC), medical research, healthcare, education, automotive industry, industry 4.0.

Break the boundaries of reality

Create new rules.

Use our technology in your environment, integrate it into your software or try our external devices. Grow and discover new perspectives by transforming the gaze from a natural medium of communication using cutting-edge technology.
We do not impose any limits, will you?

Go further with IRISBOND.

Our eye tracking technology to interact with devices can work in two ways or you can make it work how you want and where you want.