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easyclick IRISBOND

EasyClick Course

Welcome to our step by step course about IRISBOND’s very own computer access software, EasyClick. The course is divided into 4 chapters. You’ll find out everything you’ll need to know about EasyClick: from how to download, set up your profile, and decide which version is right for your needs!

Topics covered:

  • Chapter 1: What is EasyClick?
  • Chapter 2: EasyClick Beginner
  • Chapter 3: EasyClick Pro
  • Chapter 4: FAQs

Live events on AAC, Assistive technology and collaborations

IRISBOND eyetracking device hiru receives Made for iPad certification from Apple and now is the first multi-platform eye-tracking device that works seamlessly with iPad devices running iPadOS 15 or later, in addition to Windows. Hiru’s advanced AI-based software algorithms, combined with state-of-the-art hardware, capture eye movements and translate them into precise actions on iPadOS, giving users with physical and motor disabilities the option to use eye-tracking on iPadOS and Windows for communication, learning, work, and multimedia apps such as YouTube and Spotify. We learned and celebrated all that in our Partner Event, May 11th 2022 at San Francisco.


ATIA 2022 | This is What You Need to Know About Eye Gaze Technology

A session to go deep on the latest eye tracking news in Augmentative and alternative communication #AAC for 2022. Learn more about the trends coming in 2022!

Topics covered:

  • Usability First
  • Hands on Support
  • Flexibility: One Hiru for all
  • Data, data, data

White papers

Is play a luxury or a need?

At IRISBOND, we have gathered information about the importance of playing when a child and the effects of play deprivation. We have also added some reflections about this matter. The result is this whitepaper that you can read and comment on with us if you wish.

There are many studies about how the movements of the hands help develop the brain when we are young. And how playing with our hands is vital for our mentally healthy growth. But, we have little research on play for children with motor disabilities. We are sure some toys can be adapted for those kids and produce the same effect in their brains. But, as far as we know, the number of adapted toys in the market is small and usually expensive.

Is the future touchless?

The touchless market is estimated to reach a turnover of 13,000 million euros in 2025 and that 50% of applications will incorporate, at least, one type of touchless experience such as the gaze, voice, gestures, virtual reality or augmented reality in the next two years. The use of touchless technologies is on the way to having extensive applications for all types of sectors, both for professional use and the ordinary citizen. Although we are currently seeing contactless solutions focused on some biometric options, at Irisbond, we predict that in the future all or several of these will be integrated to give the user total freedom of interaction, making them more inclusive and natural to use”, says IRISBOND’s founder and CEO, Eduardo Jauregui.

On-demand training

IRISBOND eye-tracking

Live support session

Book a one-to-one video call with our support team to learn more about these areas in eye gaze technology:

  • Hiru for Windows: Everything your sales or therapy team needs to know about Hiru’s compatible programs in Windows
  • Hiru for iPadOS: Everything your sales or therapy team needs to know about Hiru’s compatible programs in iPadOS
  • How to Market Hiru: Learn how to boost your sales by combining the magic of Hiru with the power of marketing
  • Eye Tracking and Tips: Discover the technology behind Hiru and learn more about how eye tracking works
  • New Verticals with Hiru: Learn more about how Hiru can elevate your business and bring you into areas you may not have considered before

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