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easyclick IRISBOND

EasyClick Course

Welcome to our step by step course about IRISBOND’s very own computer access software, EasyClick. The course is divided into 4 chapters. You’ll find out everything you’ll need to know about EasyClick: from how to download, set up your profile, and decide which version is right for your needs!

Topics covered:

  • Chapter 1: What is EasyClick?
  • Chapter 2: EasyClick Beginner
  • Chapter 3: EasyClick Pro
  • Chapter 4: FAQs

Live events on AAC, Assistive technology and collaborations


ATIA 2022 | This is What You Need to Know About Eye Gaze Technology

A session to go deep on the latest eye tracking news in Augmentative and alternative communication #AAC for 2022. Learn more about the trends coming in 2022!

Topics covered:

  • Usability First
  • Hands on Support
  • Flexibility: One Hiru for all
  • Data, data, data

On-demand training

IRISBOND eye-tracking

Live support session

Book a one-to-one video call with our support team to learn more about these areas in eye gaze technology:

  • Hiru for Windows: Everything your sales or therapy team needs to know about Hiru’s compatible programs in Windows
  • Hiru for iPadOS: Everything your sales or therapy team needs to know about Hiru’s compatible programs in iPadOS
  • How to Market Hiru: Learn how to boost your sales by combining the magic of Hiru with the power of marketing
  • Eye Tracking and Tips: Discover the technology behind Hiru and learn more about how eye tracking works
  • New Verticals with Hiru: Learn more about how Hiru can elevate your business and bring you into areas you may not have considered before

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