IRISBOND, EYE am eye-tracking

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EYE am Hiru

The first multiplatform eye-tracker in the world that works in Windows and iPadOS, indistinguishably.

Hiru IRISBOND eye-tracking
An AI-enhanced, MFi-certified eye tracker that allows you to control your iPad and Windows device. An operating system should never be a barrier. And now, you can choose. Learn more>>

EYE am eye-tracking: the multiple uses of our technology

Eye-tracking helps, on the one hand, to anyone that has difficulties communicating through oral speech, as well as those with limited mobility, to interact and communicate with devices. It is what we call Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC). Furthermore, eye-tracking is an efficient tool in different areas within the medical world. From prevention by avoiding touching surfaces that could lead to infection to diagnosing several cognitive illnesses. Moreover, companies can integrate IRISBOND’s eye-tracking technology to offer never-seen-before products.

Made_for_Apple_iPad IRISBOND Hiru